About KAYO®

Based in the United Kingdom, KAYO® is a newly established brand for the British combat sports enthusiast and trainee as well as the up and coming amateur and professional fighters family. We offer high quality, technologically future-proof and affordable products in Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA that are built to enhance your training and fight experience.

We are our own manufacturers – undergoing design prototyping, trial and test of shape, materials and quality checks at our production hub in Sialkot, the world-renowned and largest producer of hand-sewn sports equipment. Every metric of our product is hand-crafted using only industry approved materials. We work from day into night so we can assure you quality control from conception right through to production.

To us, it’s just the beginning. We’re suppliers to some of the UK’s largest and fastest growing martial arts academies in the South of England and if you’re a boxing gym or a martial arts academy that puts your members and fighters first, we’re open to exploring similar opportunities in your part of the country. For business enquiries, click here to initiate the conversation. 

Follow our journey on social media for exclusive insight. We’re just getting warmed up.